Saturday, 24 October 2009

Your number was selected randomly

By a number generator, which just randomly spills out digits and then this number is called. And we're not even going to pay attention to how bad the odds of getting a valid number this way are. We're just going to be amused, that the very moment I hang up, the other phone, upstairs, connected to a different provider starts ringing. Of course I don't bother running to pick it up, but drink a glass of water instead. And the moment it falls silent, the downstairs-phone wakes up again, however, through the other line connected to it, and the same mechanic voice is attempting to sell me their clearvoyance services. Oh, so that's how they got all my 3 numbers, all differing in far more than a few digits. I'll label this a rant, but I'm not even ranting. I'm observing. And not even being surprised, because I'm coming out of computer science and having a rough idea where we're headed. I think there's a century-old book on it. I believe it has digits in the title, too.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ding, 80

There it is. Character started on June 14th, dinged 80 in the late hours of October 19th. This road arrived at its destination. Now it's time to pick one of the many paths starting from here and .. find out where they're headed!

*looks around contently*

*proceeds to improve his reputation with the Wyrmrest Accord to purchase a tanking cloak*