Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New layout

The narrow layout was very convenient when I first started this blog - obviously I didn't have much content on yet, and making what I had appear like more by padding it in the vertical was a welcome side effect. Now, after some time, I do have some content to show, plus, I tend to be verbose, which means that a single long entry - like the last one - would turn into furious scrolling and thus not be pleasant to read. Thus, it was time to switch to a stretching layout. Enjoy (hopefully) and come back (hopefully).


  1. Thank you! I was thinking exactly that last night when reading it, and considering mentioning it to you!


  2. You scared me! I thought someone had hijacked your blog when I came to read your musings this morning.

    This needs colour. You can start with more blue. *nod*


  3. @Alqua:
    Well, that wasn't very hard! I basically looked at my post yesterday and thought "wow, that looks like crap". So, something had to be done.

    Meh, I just suck at visual design. I enjoy a good design very much, and can sometimes offer constructive criticism, but am genuinely bad at making those things myself. Which is why I just pick a template after comparing a few and go with it. I'd probably only make it worse...!